Five Effective Ways To Use Video Marketing

It’s one thing to produce a video (not always an easy task), but quite another to use it in your marketing efforts in a way that will have your audience respond positively. The following five suggestions will help. 

  1. Be aware of what people watch – the top 3 types of content that make short video effective according to marketing professionals are: audience relevance (58%), engaging and compelling storytelling (57%) and content that triggers a response or action (54%). Curata 

  2. Use videos in Social Media Marketing to share your brand story in a way that will make for engaging and entertaining video viewing.

  3. Include a video in an email. Marketers say video included in an email leads to a 200 – 300% increase in click through rates. Note: add the word “video” to the subject line of the email. Hubspot 

  4. Videos for products or services are effective. Use them on your website for main products.  Show how to use the product or service, the benefits, the features – after watching videos 74% of viewers are more likely to buy a service or product. Small Business Trends 

Landing page conversion rate can be increased by 80% by including a video. Unbounce