Every organisation has a great story to tell, it’s our privilege to help them tell it well.

When it comes to creating content for the Web and Social Media video is king. Video performs 12x better than text and photos. However, videos are hard and time consuming to make… Or at least they were. Here at One Day Video we can create an engaging video for you that’s specifically designed to perform well online and we do it all in just 24 hours.




Our 1 day

Step 2
Video Shoot

With the outline complete we will begin shooting on location and collect all the shots needed.

Step 4
Adding Finishing Touches

Once we have your approval on the edit we will go away and add in all the motion graphics, music and colour grading.

Step 1
Video Planning

The day begins on location with a planning session where we will take your idea and turn it into a concise outline from which to create a highly engaging video.

Step 3
Edit Video

Once shooting is complete we will sit down onsite and edit the video. By doing the edit with you on hand we cut down the feedback loop from days to just minutes.

Step 5

By 9:00am the next morning we will deliver the finished video.

Our Clients.


The Founders.


I came to video production in a roundabout way. While at university studying to become an Industrial Designer I started a YouTube channel all about design and what I was learning at uni. I fell in love with the craft of using video to tell a story and my channel began to take off. As a young designer and filmmaker, it was exciting and because of it, I got to travel and work with some of the top design and engineering companies in the world. 

While working for these companies I realised they struggled with what they were doing when it came to making web videos. I looked into it further and found that the thing that was holding most companies back was three-fold: 1. Videos where too expensive, 2. they took a really long time to make and 3. you didn’t always get what you wanted. So, long story short, I decided to pursue my passion for film and started One Day Video to solve these 2 problems.


My film career began at 14 when Jacob and I started a toy company called Simply Clever Toys where we used the family camera to shoot funny product videos to sell our toys online.

After 4 years we sold the business I went to film school to turn my video hobby into a filmmaking career. 

Fast forward to today and I have now been in the film industry for over five years working on some of New Zealand’s biggest TV commercials while also directing my own short films and music videos.


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