Educational Video Production

Educational videos provide a rich and engaging avenue for people to learn new things. When done the right way, a high-quality educational video production can widen horizons, satisfy curiosities, and provide value to learners of every age and demographic with a click of a button.

Interested in creating effective educational videos for your institution? Here are the basics of educational videos and their advantages:

Health and Safety Video Production Company

How important is occupational health and safety in the workplace? More important than you think.

Under current New Zealand legislation, all employers are required to provide their employees with comprehensive health and safety induction training. This means that companies - from small startups to mega-corporations are responsible for creating a safe working environment for their staff now more than ever.

The Advantages of Using a One Day Video Production Company

Back in the day, video content like television commercials and corporate videos used to take ages and a boatload of cash to produce. 

First off, you needed a full-blown production set complete with lights and heavy equipment just to create a decent video. Then you had to play the waiting game, going back and forth over emails and revisions for days on end. On top of that, you had to offer a burnt sacrifice to the video gods just to have an output that actually met your needs.

But those days are over.